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The Silent Book:   A Deaf Family and the Disappearing

Australian-Irish Sign Language  by Bernadette T Wallis mss

Bernadette Wallis, Missionary Sister Of Service, is the author of a newly published book entitled The Silent Book: A Deaf Family and the Disappearing Australian-Irish Sign Language, the engrossing story, both deeply personal and historical, of the disappearing Australian-Irish sign language told through the experience of Bernadette’s own Deaf family. The story is embedded in the Australian landscape and its Aboriginal past.   In writing this multi-layered story, Bernadette invites the reader into the vibrantly alert and alive silent world of her Deaf parents.  

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Around the Kitchen Table by Penny Edman

Around the Kitchen Table.JPG

Around the Kitchen Table with the Missionary Sisters of Service is a portrait of the spirit and the heart of this Tasmanian-born, Australian-grown Congregation of Religious Women, written by Penelope Edman.

The MSS is the only religious congregation to be founded in Tasmania (1944) and one of only a few to be founded in Australia. Using story as its base, Around the Kitchen Table is told as a celebration of being different. The Sisters were missionaries in their own country, called to go “into the highways and byways” to families beyond the reach of Catholic schools in rural and outback Australia. Even as their mission focus has broadened, they remain in the highways and byways of life, their ability to be with people in their everyday lives still the hallmark of their call.

Today Missionary Sisters of Service are to be found in Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Singapore.  

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2012 John Wallis Memorial lectures

Given by dr max vodola

celebrate the legacy of vatican ii


"You have given us new hope!"   One of the many comments made after Dr Max Vodola's John Wallis Memorial Lectures on Hobart and Launceston, Tasmania, in October 2012.   Click on the link below to download the PDF of Dr Max Vodola's Lectures:

In the Vanguard, Ahead of their Times: John XXIII, John Wallis, Guilford Young and Vatican II

Vatican II: Understanding the Council that Changed or Lives

Peter Kearney

Peter Kearney

Singer Songwriter Peter Kearney wrote the story of Fr Wallis and the Missionary Sisters of Service in song.   The Song is part of the collection on the CD entitled The Common Good.