Highways & Byways, the Newsletter of the Missionary Sisters of Service and theJohn Wallis Foundation ,  is published three times a year.   

Peter Kearney composed a song about the Missionary Sisters of Service and their founding by Father John Wallis in 1944.   You can hear the song by clicking on the arrow on the bar at the top of this page.

Highways & Byways December 2016is now available.  

It contains news of the John Wallis Foundation and the Missionary Sisters of Service:

  • announcing the opening of Foundation's 2017 Small Grants Programme, with emphasis on disadvantaged regional initiatives
  • more inspiring stories of completed projects funded by the Foundation's small grants programme
  • features JWF Patron, Bishop Pat Power, whose spirit of mission resonates so powerfully with that of MSS and JWF
  • the mss mission focus and its evolution into the John Wallis Foundation

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