Our Spirit

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Missionary Sisters of Service are women of faith and mission. The energy of their lives is drawn from their communion with God, nourished daily by prayer and contemplation.

Conscious of living in the Mystery of the Divine Presence, they listen from the depth of their hearts to the Word of God as it is revealed in –

the whole of creation 

the wisdom of the Scriptures 

the events of our  world

In the light of this Word, and drawing on the rich heritage of the Church's worship and teaching, they discern the needs and situations to which they are called to respond.  They bring to their response, God's passion for justice and compassion for all peoples.

Reflection group:  Helping to build strong communities.

Reflection group:  Helping to build strong communities.

Missionary Sisters of Service combine a strong sense of community with a self-reliant spirit.  They are creative, flexible and adaptable in their response to people and situations.  In a spirt of gratitude and joy, they share their sense of community, friendship and solidarity with people wherever they are.